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Carpet to buy in the online store of carpets - Carpet City


Welcome to the online shop of carpets "Kilimove Misto"!


Choose us because:

1) we are able to provide advice that will give satisfactory answers to all your questions, as our team - it's not just working people, professionals, fans of the business;
2) the basic principle of our work - openness and responsibility to the Client. This means:
All our prices are always up to date, despite the "jumps" course or other economic "events";
all the information that you hear from our managers (terms of delivery, payment, prepayment and other cases) is registered on our website;
perform responsibly their obligations to you;
3) We are working every day to offer you all the possible options rugs that are on the market. If you do not find any particular product in our online store carpets - it is likely that we have your goods, but still waiting to be "out" on the pages of the site, so please specify this information;
4) our managers monitor the Privacy Policy on the carpet market, which helps us to provide you products at the best prices. Extremely important for us to please you attractive prices. Therefore we ask you if you've found a price cheaper, let us know and get a discount.
5) All products have quality certificate;
6) "Kilimove Misto" offers products with a wide range of prices and designs, so that each buyer does not limit himself, and easily chose your option;
7) provide the necessary additional services: laying carpet, carpet fitting, designer collection, serger.
Of course, the choice of the carpet - not the most simple process. Since this product will last more than one year and therefore it is necessary to consider all aspects and good to understand them, to enjoy the pleasure of making a purchase. So get acquainted with our recommendations regarding the purchase of carpets, rugs or carpeting.
To the process of selecting a carpet product was easy, it is necessary to determine the beginning of one of the primary parameters - the size. You need to measure the desired size of the carpet in your room. When it comes to buying a carpet (carpet) need to know square the room. If you measure yourself there is no way you can invite our gager.
When purchasing carpet, you can apply both to the store and shop carpets. Usually, the price of the carpet in the stores than in our online store. This is due to the cost of rent or utilities, etc. To buy a carpet in the online store must be in on search sites like Google and Yandex enter the following phrases: "buy a carpet Ukraine", "carpet buy cues" or "buy carpets", etc. Of the proposed online store you choose comfortable with a wide choice of goods and the order.
A fundamental consideration when selecting a product is its quality. The most convenient way to determine the quality of this visit the showroom of carpet and touch to determine a suitable option for you. Carpets quality divided into two main groups - are natural and synthetic. To include a natural material - viscose, silk, wool. Are called synthetic carpets made from poliprolilena, polyamide or acrylic.
As for the design, today the choice is so wide that in this part of the question importantly determine the style. This can be a rug in a modern or classic style. Help in this matter may be our permanent designer.
The cost of the carpet is determined based on the quality and size of the product. In our online store you can see the cost per square meter, as well as for the entire carpet ready in your size. You can use the parameter size or width on the site -and get the actual value.
And, perhaps the last thing that may interest you - is laying carpet. This is a relevant issue for customers who opt for carpeting. It may be paved with our masters. They have extensive experience in this field, which will provide you a quality result.
We wish you an easy and successful choice!
The company "Kilimove Misto" successfully deliver to all towns and villages of Ukraine:

Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia regionLutsk and Volyn regionDnepropetrovsk and Dnepropetrovsk regionZhytomyr and Zhytomyr regionUzhgorod and Uzhgorod regionIvano-Frankivsk and Ivano-Frankivsk regionZaporozhye and Zaporozhye regionKyiv and Kyiv regionThe Kirovograd and Kirovograd regionKryvyi Rih (Krivoy Rog region)Lugansk and Lugansk regionLviv and Lviv regionNikolaev and Mykolaiv regionOdessa and Odessa regionPoltava and Poltava regionRivne and Rivne regionSumy and Sumy region, Ternopil and Ternopil regionKharkiv and Kharkiv regionKherson and Kherson regionThe Khmelnitsky Khmelnitsky and regionCherkassy and Cherkassy regionChernihiv and Chernihiv regionChernivtsi and Chernivtsi region

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