What kind of carpet to hang over the bed

What kind of carpet to hang over the bed
The idea with a wall carpet will allow you to become a designer, choose and create something fabulous, incredible, mood-filling, cheerful reason for a smile in color, shape, drawing.
Comfortable bed and perfect interior are a double pleasure for the owners who have created a cozy and stylish corner.

What is a wall carpet for?

Carpets have long been an item of luxury, stability and home decoration. For the preservation of rare beauty, they were placed on the walls, they constantly served for:
  creating comfort;
  to suppress external noise;
  improvements in acoustics.
In a modern city apartment or house with a predominantly minimalist style, some of the properties of carpets may not be required at all, because problems are being solved with new available methods and materials.
But even in this case, for the children's room it is necessary to decide: what kind of carpet to buy and hang over the child's bed. Or, perhaps, the interior and the general appearance of the bed will seem empty, boring and uninteresting in the bedroom. 

How to choose a wall carpet


Sleeping places are created for rest and sleep, relaxation at home.
A calm state, positive emotions also depend on the visual perception of the surrounding interior.
When searching for a suitable wall textile, they determine, make a complex, harmonious choice in several directions: 
  Whether to preserve the accepted uniform style of the room or add an effective accent to harmoniously combine with the decoration of walls, ceiling and floor, furniture and other textiles. So a colorful carpet can impressively emphasize the character, folk or oriental style of the room.
➤   In color, with lines and prints (ornaments, patterns), you should find a match with the rest of the room, maintain a single image. They select soothing shades (light blue, pastel yellow, neutral cream), exclude intense ones.
If there is a goal of some stylization, then they adhere to its characteristic motives, colors and geometry.
➤ The  mat must be made from natural fibers. Choose a useful material for the product: wool or a mixture with silk, acrylic, viscose. They are durable, easily formed and permanently dyed fibers, the colors will not fade over time.
It does not hurt to take care of the further care of the wall textiles.
If there are animals in the house, it is better to refuse looped, fluffy, shaggy carpets. 
  It is important to decide on the size, shape and location of the carpet. In the bedroom, the central object is the bed and the space above the bed (sofa bed), they immediately catch the eye upon entering.
It is necessary to measure the dimensions of the room, bed, headboard, free surfaces, design style.
The carpet can fully replace the head of the bed, while not "eating up" the free space and will serve as a protection for the wall covering. A small rug will optically reduce the bedroom.
Experiment, looking for the best hanging height, vertical or horizontal position. The horizontal format will stretch in width, and the vertical format will stretch the ceiling of the room.
In this case, you can "correct" the flaws in the layout of the room.
 Make the right decision from a variety of ways to secure the woven garment. There is no need to disguise or hide as before. They choose an exquisite, original way or a completely simple one, deliberately noticeable, but appropriate to the style.
Sometimes a carpet or tapestry is decorated like a picture, under glass and in a frame, emphasizing the design of the surrounding.


It is important to present the wall carpet as a missing element, to integrate it into the existing interior. It will attract attention, but should not dominate the room.
The right choice of carpet can transform the look of the room, bring a harmonious note of novelty and freshness. With inspiration, it will be possible to ingeniously combine aesthetic application in the interior with practical tasks.
The choice of models, materials, designs is now very diverse, it will allow you to implement the conceived idea, according to the requirements of the style of decoration and the size of the room, will help create a cozy home atmosphere.