Carpets serve as decoration and insulation of any home


To make a full interior and cozy, you can just buy a rug that will bring you pleasure your convenience, beauty, warmth and comfort. How carpets are of the following types: woven, felted and woven. The shag rugs of all are braided, woven and felted a little bit different in Pahlen pile. It would seem that the most expensive carpets is the best carpets, because they have the highest pile. However, when buying carpet need all the details. To start, decide what areas you buy the carpet. The rugs require more complex care and cleaning more often. So if you need a floor for the kitchen or hallway carpet with long pile is not the best option. There are some excellent standards related to the purpose of the carpet: if you are going to buy a carpet for corridor or hallway - then stop your choice on a carpet with a pile height of 5 mm, if you need carpeting for the office or dining room - buy a carpet with a pile of 5 to 15 mm, but if you choose carpet for bedroom or guest room - here you can roam and to buy a carpet with a pile of more than 15 mm.

Materials carpets also distinctive from each other. Natural carpets are represented by materials such as silk and wool. When made of synthetic carpets, use nylon, polyester, polypropylene, or acrylic. Both natural and synthetic carpets have their advantages: longer term to use would be a carpet made of natural material from material of natural origin, but if you need carpet is not fastidious in the care - then you are perfect carpets made of synthetic materials.

After a hard day everyone tends to quickly resort home and experience the comfort, tranquility and comfort. People are doing their best to build their homes so that coming home can relax and feel peace. To make this is possible thanks to modern technology, which produce goods for consumers of any quality, design and form. You choose the furniture, fireplace, sofa, double bed, wardrobe, tables and chairs, TV - just according to your wishes. But none of the interior is not complete, if your home has no carpet on the floor. Carpets are very soft and warm, that does not freeze your feet, and which further creates a homely and cosy atmosphere in your home.

We care about your family, about your other half, about our favorite kids, about the guests that periodically we look. We strive to make all of them was good and comfortable. The carpets in your home will only help you to achieve the desired, because of their softness, the warmth, the beauty and brightness of colors will not leave anyone indifferent. Children can play on the floor, and you will not worry that they will fall ill, you are with someone can sit on the carpet in front of the TV, using numerous pillows and watch a romantic Comedy. All these features are available if you decide to buy a carpet. Moreover, carpets are very good and safe for your wellbeing and the health of your loved ones. All our products are certified, we are confident in their quality, and so without doubt I can recommend you any carpet, according to your wishes.

Our store is eager to please the desires and needs of all customers. And that is why our product range includes natural rugs, and carpets made of synthetic materials. The carpet of whatever material you choose - to choose the desired size, shape, and color also becomes possible. Whatever form your carpet, whatever color he was not - he will be of high quality and environmentally friendly. Our store has a huge selection of rugs for any room. If you do design a child's room is specially for you we have a special children's rugs, bright, colorful, soft and warm. If you want to upgrade the interior of the bedroom - and then we can help you: high pile carpets in soothing colors also available in our range, if you decide to spread the carpet in the hallway - we will find you the best carpet made of synthetics that will be easy to clean and long to serve you.