Buy a carpet for interior decoration


To make your interior complete and cozy, you just need to buy a carpet that will give you pleasure with its convenience, beauty, warmth and comfort.
Carpet making methods are of the following types:

✔ woven ; 

✔ felted ; 

✔ wicker ; 


Long pile carpet



The fluffiest carpets of all are woven, woven and felted. It would seem that the most expensive carpets are the best carpets, because they have the highest pile. However, when buying a carpet, you need all the nuances. First, decide for which room you are buying a carpet. Long-pile rugs require more difficult maintenance and more frequent cleaning. Therefore, if you need to buy a rug for your kitchen or hallway, a long pile rug is not the best option. There are some optimal standards related to the purpose of the carpet: if you are going to buy a carpet for a corridor or hallway - then opt for a carpet with a pile height of up to 5 mm, if you need a carpet for an office or dining room - buy a carpet with a pile from 5 to 15 mm,

Sale of carpets: natural and synthetic


The material of the carpet is also excellent from each other.
Natural carpet is represented by such materials as:
⚫ silk ; 

⚫ cotton ;

⚫ wool ; 

⚫ jute ;
⚫  viscose ;


When a synthetic carpet is made, the following are used:


▪  nylon ;

▪  polyester ;

▪  polypropylene ;

▪  acrylic ;

Both natural and synthetic carpets have their advantages: a carpet made of natural material, from a material of natural origin, will be more durable in use, and if you need a carpet that is not demanding in maintenance, then a carpet made of synthetic materials is ideal for you.


Carpet in the interior - comfort and coziness


After a hard day's work, each person strives to run home as quickly as possible and feel comfort, tranquility and coziness. People do their best to equip their homes in such a way that when they come home they can relax and feel peace. This becomes possible thanks to modern technologies that produce goods for consumers of any quality, design and shape. You select furniture, fireplace, sofa, double bed, wardrobe, tables and chairs, TV - only based on your wishes. But no interior is complete without carpet on the floor. The carpet is very soft and warm, does not freeze your feet, and even more creates a homely and cozy atmosphere in your home.
We take care of our loved ones, about our soul mate, about our beloved children, about the guests who periodically drop in to us. We strive to do everything to make them feel good and comfortable. The carpet in your home will only help you achieve what you want, because their softness, warmth, beauty and brightness of flowers will not leave anyone indifferent. Children will be able to play on the floor, and you will not worry that they will get sick, you and your loved one can sit on the carpet in front of the TV, lay on pillows and watch a romantic comedy. All these possibilities become available if you decide to buy a carpet. In addition, carpets are of very high quality and safe for your well-being and the health of your loved ones. All our products are certified, we are confident in their quality, and therefore we can no doubt recommend you any carpet, according to your wishes.


Buy a carpet in the online store "Carpet City"


Our online store "Carpet City" requires to please the desires and needs of all customers. And that is why our assortment includes:
Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Acrylic carpets;    Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Silk carpets; 

Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Woolen carpets; 

Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Iranian carpets;      Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Children's carpets;

Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Viscose carpets;  

Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Synthetic carpets;

Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji High density carpets;

Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Mat; 
Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Wall carpets;

Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Shaggy or fleecy carpets;


Whatever material you choose, we will select the desired size, shape and color. Whatever the shape of your carpet, whatever color it may be, it will be of high quality and environmentally friendly. Our online store presents a huge selection of carpets for any room. If you are designing a children's room, we have special children's carpets especially for you, bright, colorful, soft and warm. If you want to update your bedroom interior - and here we can help you: high-pile carpets in soothing colors are also in our assortment, if you decide to spread a carpet in the hallway - we will select the best synthetic carpet for you, which will be easy to clean and will serve you for a long time.