Runner carpets


182 грн/m2

3.00 x 4.00

644 грн/m2


Carpet -  great assistant when you create warmth and comfort in the house

Carpet is interpreted as an integral part of the interior of our house. We've learned that carpet must be present on the floor of our house. Maybe these traditions have come to us from the past from our grandmothers. But in spite of this, many people do not accept the carpet due to the current trends of interior design. But they are wrong. Has never been considered fashionable to cover the floor carpet runners, because in the understanding of the people, carpet directly linked to the prosperity and wealth. Even huge VIP rooms prior to the coming events are always accepted to cover carpets. Often they are long, beautiful and simply gorgeous. Even self-respecting hotel complexes use the carpet to create a homely and cosy atmosphere in the hotel. As you can see, even outside the home carpet well entrenched in people's lives.

To buy carpet in Kiev will not be easy, but the question is - what kind of carpet to choose it to satisfy all your needs. Markets and shops where you can buy carpets are a huge selection that may confuse the buyer. You will be able to determine more quickly if you will be able to understand the main features and functionality of carpet tracks.
Carpets are very important in the interior of the house and its design. For starters, carpet help to save the flooring of your home from various injuries - scratches and scuffs, and to create a more pleasant atmosphere in the house with carpets will come out better.
The coziness and comfort of home with carpet
Carpet nowadays widely used in decorating homes. Carpet differ in their practical geometry, which allows them to fit into the interior and to fill the void in the floor covering. To choose carpet for your interior and size of their rooms and areas helps their simplicity: carpet is easy to measure, both in length and width, and to pick a size that will be included in the rooms are very different sizes. You like the classics? Or do you prefer more fine versions? Carpet is very diverse, can be bright and solid, and with a picture. That is the prerogative of the carpet tracks, they satisfy the needs of customers with any flavor ideas.
Carpet with a large floor cloth have another value. Thanks to his pile of dust collected in the carpet and does not extend around the home that does not cause allergies. This saves the labor of Housewives because if floors are covered with carpets, the room does not need too frequent wet cleaning. To vacuum it several times per week carpet is like nothing easier, than to do the cleaning every day.
Heat from the entrance - carpet for the hallway
More than just wears out and rubbed the floor in the hallway and the hallway. Scratches and abrasions will not look beautiful, but the quality of sex will eventually deteriorate. It is to be durable floor covering is often recommended carpet. For the longest time to be in operation will be carpet with low pile and all thanks to the fact that low pile does not collect in the dirt and it does not absorb into the fibers, and just form of dry powder, which is very easy to vacuum or sweep with a broom. The range of carpet tracks will allow you to choose the right model carpet for your space based on color and size. Very popular carpets, which are made on the basis of rubber.
Our store carpets and rugs will help you to create a cozy atmosphere in your home!
Many products available in the online stores are simply stunning. You are confused and can't decide: is there an acceptable and reasonable price, and there you like the colors of the carpet. We present a huge range of quality carpets from the best materials such as sisal, silk, linen, viscose, nylon and wool. The range of our online store very large scale that will allow you to easily choose the right option for yourself, based on the desired size of the carpet, its color and value. You can purchase the product at retail. The specialists of our online store is always at your service, they will answer your questions and choose the most appropriate option for you!