About Us

The team of "Kilimove Misto" for many years working in the field of carpets. The primary objective of this work - to pick up a carpet product that will satisfy all the requirements of our clients at the time of purchase and not rozocharuet quality when using it. To this end, our managers regularly visit the exhibition carpets, watching fashion trends and innovations in the technology of carpets. Such analysis helps us to present to you the high quality products and meet all the requirements of today's customers.
Company "Kilimove Misto" cooperates with many European factories whose products are proven in the carpet market, as high-quality and durable. All the products we represent has a quality certificate.
We would like to note our programmers are working to Shop "Kilimove Misto" was the most convenient for you and include all the latest features that are nowadays required for online selection / purchase.
Dear customers, in order to eliminate all uncomfortable situation, we have created in the Contacts section heading "Contact Us", where there is the possibility to leave the wish or complaint neposredstveno directly to the department leadership. This enables managers to have feedback with every customer.
For us, it is imperative that our products for a long time filled your every comfort and luxury of the room, and our service leaves only pleasant memories.
Thank you for your interest in our company! We wish you a pleasant shopping!