How to clean the carpet from the heels

How to clean the carpet from the heels
A rug is a beautiful addition to any room. It can be either an additional element in the design or a highlight. Now there is a large number of a wide variety of carpets, which differ in size, material, patterns, and so on.
Nevertheless, they all have one common problem - pollution . Unfortunately, something can drip on the carpet, fall, etc., then the question immediately arises, how to clean it.

General carpet cleaning

Before moving on to specific pollution, let us remind you that the carpet, like any other thing, needs general care. That is, it must be cleaned of dust and washed. In order for the carpet to retain its original appearance longer, it is recommended to carry out weekly cleaning. Here both a simple broom or a brush and a vacuum cleaner can come to the rescue.
The second option, of course, is preferable, as it collects dirt more efficiently and faster. In addition, the special attachment is less harmful to the product.
It is also recommended to carry out a complete cleaning of the carpet, that is, to wash it. It is best in such cases to contact specialized institutions, since self-cleaning can lead to sad consequences, because each material requires its own specific cleaning.

How to remove certain objects from carpet

As mentioned earlier, a carpet product is very susceptible to various types of contamination. The most common are:
•   Plasticine;
•   Blood;
•   Smells;
•   Traces of urine;
If you have a large family with small children and a carpet, then you will undoubtedly face a situation where pieces of plasticine stick to the pile of the carpet. It is very difficult to tear it off, but it is possible.
First of all, you need to properly peel off the plasticine. This will require pieces of ice and a film. The ice is wrapped in a film and then this structure is carried over the plasticine until it hardens. Now, using a plastic knife, it can be easily peeled off without any traces.
Further, the place where the plasticine was located must be treated with vanish or another carpet cleaner in order to get rid of small residues that could penetrate into the deep layers of the carpet.
✔  Blood


It is not uncommon for a person to accidentally cut themselves and drop blood onto the carpet. Unfortunately, the blood is difficult to remove fluid, so it is necessary to act not slowly.
You need to immediately take a cotton swab or any other rag that is moistened with hydrogen peroxide and applied to the spot. It is necessary to hold it for a few seconds, but do not rub the stain under any circumstances. Further, the residues can be completely removed with the help of ammonia, which is diluted in a ratio of 1 tablespoon to 500 ml of water.
✔  Smells
Unfortunately, carpeting can easily absorb odors, especially in the kitchen. It will be expensive to wash all the time in specialized services. However, there is a way that can help solve the problem quickly enough.
Take advantage of special flavored aerosols. Then the carpet will always smell nice. And buying a carpet on the floor will no longer be scary, even if it is in the kitchen
If a specific smell comes from only one place, because something was spilled there, then you can treat this place with citric acid or salt. These substances absorb different odors well.
✔  Traces of urine
Living in a house with pets is difficult to avoid such traces. Therefore, you need to know how to get rid of them:
  Blot with a dry napkin;
•  Apply the bite solution in a ratio of 1/3;
•  Wait 2 hours;
•  Sprinkle with salt and then sweep it away;
Thus, carpet cleaning is not that difficult if you know what exactly and what needs to be cleaned.