How to choose a Feng Shui carpet


Feng Shui is a Taoist practice, a kind of direction used for the special organization of space. The meaning of feng shui is simple - people are looking for favorable energy flows and use them for their own benefit. And it's not only about how the furniture is located in the apartment, but also about the colors and shades of the furniture. And this is far from being accidental. The point is that different colors evoke different emotions in people. It turns out that color can determine how we feel and what our mood is.
Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It all depends entirely on the size and design of your room.
For example, if you are going to lay carpet in the living room, where a large family always gathers, a bright and lively carpet can contribute to a good mood and enliven communication. In a harsh, gray room with crushing walls, you can pick up a carpet with a deep, rich color, which will enrich the space and breathe life into it.

Place for a carpet according to the rules of feng shui


At home, we need pleasant colors and a comfortable interior most of all. The apartment should be cozy and warm.
One simple detail can add warmth and coziness - a properly selected carpet. It is the carpet that we define the entire interior of the room. An improperly selected carpet can destroy the integrity of the interior, it will resonate with other shades, cut the eye, which means it will be unpleasant to be in the room.
Six basic rules of feng shui in relation to carpets in the house.
Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji The first rule is cleanliness. If you decide to buy a carpet with a long pile, then be prepared to vacuum it several times a week, as dust, hair and other debris accumulate in the long pile.
Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji The second rule is that in no case should you put the carpet on a dirty floor. Dirt is something that destroys not only physically, but also energetically.
Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Third. If you live in a house whose walls face different noisy places, such as an intersection, a motorway, or just a noisy neighbor, feel free to hang a carpet on such a wall. Not only is this a banal sound insulation, but also protection from negative energy.
Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Fourth. If you are buying a rug for a small room, then do not buy a large size rug. This will suffocate the room. If the room is large, then small carpets will not suit us - they will be invisible and will not give a lot of energy.
Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Fifth. A very important point is to sprinkle the carpet with dried grass or salt before cleaning. This will have a beneficial effect on the vibrations that your carpet emits.
Emoji ✅ OpenEmoji Sixth. Don't skimp on carpet. It is better to pay more, but the carpet will last you longer and will not lose its appearance. If cheap, then low-quality materials of a budget carpet can be hazardous to health. But high quality does not mean super expensive. Alternatively, you can buy discounted carpet .

What color to choose the carpet


According to Feng Shui, each color has its own meaning and carries a different energy. Also, carpets of different colors should be placed in different parts of the apartment. Let's go through the main ones:
➤  white. According to Feng Shui, white is innocence and purity. The most suitable place for him is a living room or an office. Why an office? White influences productive work in the creative and mental spheres.
➤  blue. This is, of course, water. Blue is relaxing. Carpets in blue shades are great for baths.
➤  green. Green carpets carry the energy of inspiration and relieve bad mood.
➤  purple. Purple carpets carry the energy of strength, power and wealth.
➤  red. The red color is very bright, resonant and does not always fit into the interior.
➤  black. Also a rather ambiguous color, although it carries the energy of confidence.
Choose the carpet you like. If you are not happy with your purchase, then most likely there will be no beneficial effects of feng shui.