Care of viscose carpets

Care of viscose carpets
Viscose carpets are among the most popular. They can be found in a large number of rooms. After all, viscose carpets do not cause allergic reactions and electrification. In addition, these carpets have a variety of colors and patterns.

How to Extend the Life of Viscose Carpets


Despite the beauty of viscose carpets, they have a significant drawback - care. Carpets of this type are made from natural materials, which means they are well exposed to almost everything. Especially water and sunlight.
The fact is that viscose absorbs moisture well, but it dries for a long time, and this negatively affects the appearance and service life of the carpet product.
Also, it is better not to place viscose carpets in rooms with a lot of sunny color, since the combination of natural wool and dyes does not withstand sunlight and fade.
Nevertheless, do not be afraid to buy viscose carpets in Kiev , as there are several tricks that will help you easily keep the carpet in its original form.
To keep a viscose carpet exactly as it was when you bought it, you must adhere to the following rules:
➦ Refuse wet cleaning;
➦ As mentioned earlier, viscose carpets absorb moisture well, but react poorly to it. An unpleasant moldy smell may even appear;
➦ Refuse alkaline detergents. After all, it destroys the fibers of the carpet;
➦ Do not rub the carpet. The villi of viscose carpets are very sensitive, so you should try not to disturb their structure and clean only in the direction of the pile;
➦ Don't get rid of the dust in your grandmother's favorite way. Available as carpet knocking. So you will break the structure of the product and the carpet will lose its beautiful appearance;
➦ Avoid cleaning with bleach containing specialized oxygen. It not only destroys the fibers, but also contributes to the appearance of a yellow tint;
We have already found out the most important rules for the care of viscose carpet products. But we want to mention a few more life hacks that will help preserve the original appearance of a viscose carpet:
•  Periodically change position;
•  So you can avoid fading of individual parts of the carpet and the appearance of dents;
•  If any liquid accidentally gets on the carpet, it is best to very quickly get wet with a soft cloth;
•  If any paints or objects that have a coloring property come into contact with the carpet, it is best not to engage
   self-cleaning and contact dry cleaning professionals;
In general, viscose carpets are difficult to clean, but incredibly beautiful and can be arranged in any, even the most complex design due to the variety of their assortment.

Viscose rug - Daily cleaning and maintenance 

A viscose carpet needs cleaning almost every day. After all, this is the only way to preserve the original appearance of the carpet product. 
1. If you are going to clean your carpet, it is best to use soft materials. For example, the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner must be with villi, but as soft as possible.
It is not recommended to sweep the viscose carpet with a regular floor brush.
2. Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner should take place from both sides and in the direction of the pile.
3. If you decide to wash the floors under the carpet, it is better to wait until they are completely dry. Since viscose carpets easily absorb moisture, even from the back.
In addition, viscose carpets should be taken to a specialized dry cleaner every three months. There, a special complex of means and processing is carried out, which helps to increase the life of the carpet.