Which carpet to choose for the kitchen

Which carpet to choose for the kitchen
A rug is an interesting piece that can be a good addition to the design of a room, even a kitchen. However, for some reason, many are very skeptical about the carpet in this place. And in vain. After all, the presence of a carpet in the kitchen makes it possible:
1. Add comfort to her
2. Hide the worn surface of a tile or any other covering
3. Protect the floor from scratches
4. In a studio apartment, a carpet can be an excellent separator between rooms-zones.


A few basic rules before buying a carpet for the kitchen

Shape and size . Here you need to build on the shape of the kitchen itself or the table, under which, in most cases, the carpet is laid. If you have a rectangular or square kitchen, then the carpet should also have the appropriate shape. If you want to just lay a carpet on the kitchen to create coziness, you can choose any size you want. In the case of using a carpet under the table, you need to choose a carpet that matches the shape of the table, and the size should be slightly larger (+ - 10 cm), if the size is larger, this will cause inconvenience, since the legs of the chair will constantly cling to the carpet.
Material . Since kitchens are a place where something is always cooked, lunches and dinners are held, which means there is a big risk that something will fall and spill on the floor. Therefore, when choosing a carpet for the kitchen, materials that do not absorb moisture should be used in the composition. Also, kitchen carpet material should be quick and easy dry and wet cleaning. Therefore, it is best to choose carpets made of non-synthetic materials (nylon or polypropylene), since synthetics very easily absorb various liquids, moreover, they cannot last long, and also have a short or no nap. Since the pile interferes with cleaning the carpet, and in the kitchen, you simply cannot do without it, despite the neatness.
Design . Another tricky thing. However, here, too, you can solve everything pretty quickly. Firstly, you should not choose carpets of all light and pastel shades, since the kitchen is not the place where you can place a carpet of light shades. Inappropriate. Secondly, the color should be dictated by the overall design of the kitchen. It may be in the same tone with slight differences, or brighter, but darker shades, so that there is a beautiful contrast. Or you can find the right combination of color shades on the internet.
The location of the carpet. I bought a carpet , but where to place it? This is another question that raises concerns for buying a carpet for the kitchen. However, there may be several options here:
1. Under the table. This option has already been mentioned and explained, but if you wish, you can buy a large carpet, which will be located not only under the table, but also under the chairs. Here you will have to take into account the distance the chairs are pulled back.
2. Under the sink. This option is convenient from the point of view of the fact that those who do not use the dishwasher spend a lot of time near the sink. And if the floor covering is in the form of a tile, then in winter it can be quite cold to stand on it, then the carpet can easily solve this problem.
3. Around the entire kitchen set. The carpet can also be placed not only just near the sink, but also along the entire kitchen unit, so that you get such a markup path between it and the table. Then two zones will be visually created in the kitchen.
In general, a carpet to the kitchen is a good solution that can add coziness to it or become an interesting design move for dividing the kitchen, especially this option is suitable for those whose kitchen takes up many square meters, which means there is a place where to experiment.