Renewing the room with a carpet on the wall

Renewing the room with a carpet on the wall
Everyone knows that fashion is cyclical, and the well-forgotten old is a new improved design solution. Many designers have proven that a well-chosen wall rug can liven up a room and give it its own unique charm!
When it comes to carpeting on the wall, many remember Soviet fashion, and are downright horrified. In those days, this was an indicator of wealth, carpets were hung in almost every room, but it was very difficult to get a good quality canvas. Then minimalism came into fashion and the carpets were removed to the back closet, therefore they were not observed on the walls for a long time and most of them forgot about this fashion, like about a nightmare. But nowadays, carpet on the wall is on par with art, and the market is overflowing with a variety of options. 
Carpets are made from completely different materials, colors and shapes, there are handmade products, the market is so vast that everyone will find exactly what they were looking for. To buy a carpet exactly the one you dreamed about, or even better, the "Carpet City" online store will help.


What kind of carpet is better to choose on the wall for a modern home interior?

1.  Classics. The carpet must definitely match the style of your home, the color scheme must match. In a classic interior, you should choose products in pastel shades, you can choose carpets with ornaments, and even with a landscape and subject compositions. It is this choice that will make the atmosphere of the home more sophisticated and luxurious. 
2.  Loft. Living in a house with a loft style, you need to pay attention to softening the strict display of the room. It is better to stop the choice on carpets of dim colors, it is better to stop at a large ornament. Such a carpet will perfectly fit into the room without dominating the surrounding details. 
3.  Modern. Here your attention should be focused on clear abstract large drawings. If you don't like bright colors, then black and white is perfect, this color scheme will emphasize the elegance of the room. 
4.  Eastern. An ideal interior style that will fit hand-made carpets. Feel free to hang several carpets in one room, or completely cover the wall with them from ceiling to floor!
Pay attention to your furniture in the room, if there are hard lines, then you complement the slick with a rectangular carpet with sharp corners. Thanks to the carpet on the wall, you can dilute or add contrast to the interior. 
There are a huge number of options for decorating wall hangings, one of them may surprise you and your guests - we place the product under glass! A truly daring solution that turns even the most ordinary rug into a work of art. The choice of the wall to decorate the carpet is also very important.
Thin canvases are best suited for a small room cluttered with furniture . The carpet will look great over a bedside table, fireplace or sofa. Thus, a small canvas will not be the main and bright component of the room, but it will complement perfectly. 
In a spacious living room, you can hang several small rugs, such a solution will visually expand the room, and also show your individuality. 
In the nursery, you can hang a carpet over the bed or desk, here the main thing is to successfully choose the pattern on the product.
Wall rugs will easily help to refresh the rooms, make them brighter without major repairs. Do not be afraid to experiment, move away from boring walls, bring a new touch to the interior and the result will definitely positively surprise you and your family.