Colored carpets in interior decor

Colored carpets in interior decor
A carpet is a long-term purchase, so its choice should be approached very carefully so as not to regret wasted money for the next season. If the interior of your house is designed in a calm style, then you should not choose bright colors, and if you are a lover of extravagance in life, then give preference to carpets with bright ornaments or colors. Companies specializing in the sale of carpets have a catalog in which you can choose the color, shape, size of the carpet, and there are also ready-made versions of carpets from local manufacturers in the catalog. The choice of color palette is great - from muted pastel tones to the brightest and most saturated colors.
The same is the case with the choice of pattern on the future carpet. In the age of modern technology, you can depict anything you want on the coating, any geometric shapes, and even real drawings. If you are a lover of the classics, then carpets with a smooth gradient effect are perfect. However, from the variety of choices, you can forget that a certain interior has settled in the room and choose an option that does not fit furniture or your favorite curtains.
Choose a carpet that will match the main design details of the room: furniture, curtains. You should not choose a carpet to match the floor covering, in which case the carpet will be lost.

How to choose a carpet for your living room interior

And yet, the living room always occupies the most honorable place among the rooms. It is in it, practically, that every family has a carpet or carpet. Especially if the living room is combined with the kitchen, then a well-chosen carpet allows you to correctly zone the space and focus on the living room. Regardless of which room you choose the carpet for, it is worth remembering the compatibility of the size and shape of the covering with the interior elements. If we talk about the ornament of the carpet, then it can be associated with small interior decorations, for example, with cushions or the color of the sofa upholstery, as well as with wallpaper and curtains. The most important thing in the interior is the harmony of the elements, and then the carpet will serve you for a long time. 
Choose a carpet not only for its appearance, but also pay attention to the covering material, since many materials, such as wool, are allergenic. It is also worth relying on the criterion of practicality, since carpet is a massive and expensive thing. A good coating should be dense, the villi should be so close to each other that when the edge is folded, the base of the coating is not visible. If the pile is not thick, then the carpet will very soon lose its appearance and quickly become dirty.
When choosing a carpet, before buying a carpet in Kiev , you should not listen to fashion trends, since fashion is fickle and very dynamic. What is irrelevant today will be at its peak tomorrow. Listen to your opinion, the main thing is that when you see the carpet, you understand that it is the one that will make your home environment more comfortable.

How to choose a carpet for your interior

You shouldn't buy carpet in the following cases:
  • The product has strong chemical and unpleasant odors


  • A handmade personal carpet must contain the author's autograph. In order not to become a victim of low-quality cheap fake, pay attention to the fact that the front side must match the wrong side
  • If, a few days after purchase, villi fall out of the coating abundantly, this is abnormal.
  • The carpet should be moderately heavy and at the same time as easy to clean as possible.
The choice of carpet is not an easy task, but it is possible to cope with it, if difficulties arise, you can always turn to the help of specialists. The consultants of the online store will help you. Call the hotline yourself or order a call from a specialist free of charge.