What can be made from an old carpet

What can be made from an old carpet
Nowadays there are still people who have ugly and fashionable models of carpets, but old ones. Such carpets cannot fit into a modern interior. Nevertheless, some people feel sorry to get rid of them due to the fact that they are associated with a lot of pleasant moments or are simply expensive as a memory. In this case, we offer you several options for how you can give an old carpet a new life.


What is the condition of the carpet

Before offering specific options, we suggest paying attention to the condition of the carpet.
If it was handled with care and it was the so-called wall carpet, then it will be much easier.
What can we do with him:
1. Sell at auction. Since some carpets were knitted in a rather complex and unique technique, collectors are in search of such carpets and are ready to pay a good sum for them. Therefore, your carpet can become one of these rarities. If not, then it can still be sold at a bargain price. What's better than just throwing it away.
2. Donate to charity. If you do not need a carpet, but you do not want to sell it, then you can easily donate it to special funds that help people in need.

3. Second life. Now all things can be reused, sometimes even for a completely different purpose than they were intended. So the old carpet can be cut into small rugs and placed in different places in the country. Or take advantage of a new design trend and create a new carpet, but from different ones. To do this, you can ask your friends. They may also have an unnecessary carpet.
If the carpet has lived a harsh life, and it is somehow damaged or torn, then this is not a reason to throw it away.
At least it can be used like:

• From such a carpet, you can, as in the first case, create a new and interesting thing.


• Noise isolation. Yes, the old carpet does not look so presentable anymore, but it can still be beneficial. For example, if you are making repairs in a house with poor sound insulation, then, in order not to disturb your neighbors, you can place such a carpet on one of the walls. Then the sound will immediately become much quieter and it will be possible to avoid conflict with new neighbors. 



Non-standard uses of old carpet

In this part we will look at a few more ways to use the old carpet, but they will be more interesting. Of course, you can always buy a carpet in the online store , but if you want to save money, you can use the old one. For instance:
1.  Bed for the cat. Animals are creatures that leave hair on any surfaces, can scratch, etc. Therefore, buying a special bed can become almost regular. To avoid this, you can make several beds from the old carpet from well-preserved parts.

2.  Equalizer. In old houses, the floors and walls are notable for their unevenness, therefore, so that the furniture does not stagger, you have to purchase special stands. However, this can also be avoided here. Taking advantage of the old carpet. Small pieces of it can make great coasters too. 
3.  Hammock. If the old carpet does not fit into the design of the new apartment at all, but you have a summer cottage and this carpet is well preserved, then you can make a hammock out of it. Here you can enjoy a truly heavenly vacation or sleep in the fresh air.
4.  Machine. If you often carry something in the trunk, for example, seedlings, then you are familiar with the struggle with constant dirt, and it is a pity to use your own car mats for protection. Then and here you can use the old carpet. Moreover, his condition is completely unimportant.
Thus, if you have an old rug and are unsure of what to do with it, then don't throw it away right away. Since it can still be very useful in everyday life. After all, a carpet is one of the universal things that can be easily given a second life.