Carpet cleaning is not a problem at all

Carpet cleaning is not a problem at all
Each person creates comfort in his home. There are many ways to do this. Buying furniture, curtains, various interior items helps to cope with this task.
A separate line in home improvement is the choice of carpet. The carpet is a real helper on the way to home comfort. After all, it is with the appearance of this detail that a feeling of warmth and comfort appears in the house.
Today we will talk about caring for the carpet at home. At the start, you need to indicate that caring for a carpet with different colors and nap will be different. Therefore, each owner at the stage of selection should ask himself questions: "What kind of carpet buy ? How to care for this type of coverage?"

Carpet maintenance and cleaning

If the carpet is not heavily soiled, surface maintenance is still necessary. This will preserve the brightness of the colors for a longer time.
Basic guidelines for carpet care:
➦ It  is recommended to clean the carpet with laundry soap once a month. It is necessary to make a soap gruel, dissolve it in warm water, then pour it into a container with a spray bottle and process the surface. Leave the solution on the carpet for 10-20 minutes, then rinse with a vacuum cleaner or brush.
Laundry soap removes dirt well. And also this tool does not cause allergies, which is important.

 Another versatile carpet cleaning method is with baking soda. Soda does an excellent job not only with dirt, but also removes an unpleasant odor from the surface.
For "soda" cleaning, it is necessary to scatter the product over the entire surface of the carpet and rub in with a brush. After about an hour has passed, the product is swept away or removed with a vacuum cleaner.
➦  There are carpet products offered by manufacturers. Add wet carpet cleaning to your weekly cleaning routine with these helpers. And then they will always be in order.
Everyday human activities, small children, pets often leave all kinds of "surprises" on the carpets. There are specific ways to deal with these troubles.

Removing carpet stains

Cleaning carpets is not always easy. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the surface clean and clean at regular intervals. And it is also better to try not to allow old stains to appear, since fresh traces of something are much easier to remove. 
Do not forget that wet cleaning is not suitable for all carpets. The carpet can lose its shape and color. And some carpets can only be cleaned in specialized establishments. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the care at the stage of choosing a carpet and obtaining comprehensive information on care from the manufacturer.
Here are some life hacks on how to get rid of different carpet stains:
 Coffee will help remove a mixture of ammonia with cold water in a proportion of 2 tbsp. spoons for 2 liters of cold water. The entire surface of the carpet must be carefully treated, paying particular attention to stains. In addition, this solution will disinfect the surface, which is a big plus in the fight against microbes, as well as mites.
 Pen, felt-tip and watercolors can be removed with a solution of citric acid and water. 1 teaspoon per liter of water. Apply on spots, wait, then wash off with water. This method is not suitable for dark carpets, as their pile can significantly lighten.
 Grease stains (fresh) should be sprinkled with plenty of starch, left for 30 minutes, then vacuum the carpet or sweep away the product with a broom. During this time, the starch will have time to absorb all the fat. And the stain will disappear.
 Red wine stains can be removed with glycerin. You need to apply it on the stain, leave it for 1 hour. Then apply plenty of lather and rinse the carpet.
Subject to all of the above recommendations, your carpet will serve and create the comfort of your home happily ever after.