Carpets, carpets in Uzhgorod

To buy a carpet in Uzhgorod and Zakarpatska region with FREE shipping? - No question!


Our online store "Kilimove Misto" provides free shipping of all the carpets in the city of Uzhgorod and Zakarpatska region without payment.

You can get Your order at the nearest warehouse transport service:

You can also use the service of delivery "To door" in a certain specified address.

We ship to all locations in Zakarpatska oblast and district centers:
Berehove, Velykyi Bereznyi, Vinogradov, Volovets, Irshava, Mizhhirya, Mukachevo, List, Rakhiv, Svalyava, Tyachiv, Uzhgorod, Khust.

To save on money transfer is possible from card PrivatBank. After inspection of goods in the warehouse You can pay to transfer the order amount to our account in PrivatBank without committees.