Bedroom - carpet or carpet?

Bedroom - carpet or carpet?

Bedroom - carpet or carpet?

Beautiful or smart

Psychologists teach that it is the most correct to choose one of two dimensions, by writing out the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. However, often with clear selection criteria and lists with advantages and disadvantages, we still choose with our hearts. Because "but I still like it" has not been canceled. So in the selection of furniture and materials for decoration of an apartment or house, we are guided by our own subjective opinion.

Someone will choose in the bedroom designer wallpaper in the Art Nouveau style, and someone prettier Venetian plaster. One will want a work surface in the kitchen of liquid stone, and the other from wood. Someone likes textile curtains on the windows, and someone like rolled curtains made of bamboo. One dreams of a Persian carpet, and the other chooses a carpet for the whole room.

Proving that your house is the most beautiful only is wasting time, but it is appropriate to share experience and knowledge about finishing materials, furniture and home textiles.

Since we mentioned carpets, let's see what to buy in the bedroom: carpet or carpet. For a start, it would be nice to understand what they have in common and how they differ.

What is common in carpets and carpet is that they are made from natural or blended fibers. And the fact that to buy a carpet or carpet in our time is equally simple: many specialized stores or online shops will make buying easy and fast.

Now about the fundamental differences. Carpets are of a specific size and are sold individually. The floor under the carpet must have a finished coating: laminate, parquet, linoleum, etc. Carpet is sold in rolls and is measured in linear meters, it completely covers the entire area of ​​the room, and the floor under it can remain without finishing.


Who chooses carpets in the bedroom

  •  Adherents of constancy in the interior. If you are not a supporter of repairs every five years, then your choice - carpets, their service life is long enough, and an expensive carpet will decorate your home for a long time.
  •  Families with young children and animals will appreciate the quality of carpet as mobility. Collapse, hide for a while, move to another room - quickly and easily!
  •  Clean floor lovers. Carpet is easier to clean, manually or in dry cleaning, easier to wipe the liquid under it.
  •  Estets. The choice of patterns and patterns on carpets is huge. Traditional Oriental, designer, Art Deco - for every taste and color.
  •  Lovers of comfort. Carpets are great to create a warm cozy atmosphere in the house.
  •  Perfectionists who love clarity and completeness in everything, including zoning rooms with the help of carpets.
  •  Originals. Today, the carpet lies on the floor, and tomorrow they can cover the sofa or hang it on the wall, and on top of the carpet is a collection of old weapons: pistols and swords. Again, if you want to kidnap your future bride, you will definitely need a carpet to wrap your favorite one in it.
  •               Genies. Every old Hottabych necessarily need a carpet.

Carpet in the bedroom prefer

  •    Economical people, because carpet is cheaper than carpets. Even on the floor can be saved.
  •    Athletes, because it is more convenient to practice yoga, fitness, and gymnastics on the carpet - the carpet does not slip, the edges do not bend.
  •    Musicians and music lovers. The carpet is better soundproofing.
  •    And to the curatists. The prints from the heavy furniture on the carpet of good quality practically do not remain.


Summing it up , we can say that the difference between carpet and carpet, of course, is. There are many differences, each of them has its pros and cons. But in the main they are similar - in the appointment, and the purpose of the carpet and carpet to make our bedroom more comfortable, warm, beautiful.