Ordering carpet products

Our online store offers carpet fast and convenient way of ordering. We have provided on the site most convenient and popular ways to order rugs online.
The first is the fastest way - to order the carpet in one click. Near the chosen product is a button "Buy One-click", which you specify using only your phone number. After 2-3 minutes manager will contact you for further details of the order.
The second way - is to use the "Buy" button. You will need to fill in a few very simple and understandable form, specifying the necessary data for delivery to you.
Of course, you can do all this verbally by calling our managers by phone (067) 170-60-41 or (050) 947-44-40.
Have a good shopping!
Remember! Carpets - is not only element of the decor of your room, but this is a good thermal and sound insulator. In today's world, it is a huge selection of rugs for every taste and for any design. Furthermore the same models can be manufactured in various capacities for any budget. This makes it possible not to limit themselves in the process of choosing a comfortable and beautiful carpet.