shaggy carpet Fitness 1 000 , LIGHT GREY

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price per m2 1517 грн
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shaggy carpet Fitness 1 000 , LIGHT GREY

Material Polyester
Height of pile 50 мм
Base Jute
Design Modern
Producer Turkey
Mode of production Machine-woven
Terms of delivery - in the day of order or in the flow of 3 days.
Delivery on Kiev is carried out our service to address indicated by you  FREE OF CHARGE at an order from 4000 Uah. Delivery is to the door (with lift) if the weight of the goods does not exceed 19 kg.
Delivery in a suburb - 4 UAH/km from the checkpoint in both directions.
Delivery in regions of Ukraine is FREE and  carried out without pre-pay, if your order amount above 4,000 Uah. The shipping cost of the carpet is wider than 3m is to be paid at the buyer's expense. Due to our company's free transport services carried out by our partners Delivery, Intime, Autolux. When ordering items with extra work on it (trim, cut for Your size) shipping fee.
  • Gunsel 
  • In-time
  • Nova Poshta 
  • Autolux
  • Delivery
  • Mist-Express
1. Available a courier. Payment is carried out our courier on arriving of commodity on the address indicated by you.  
2. Payment on the card of Privat Bank (without a commission). After confirmation of order a manager sends essential elements for payment.  
3. "Nalozhenyy payment" is payment on the separation of courier's service or to its courier (if it is address delivery).  A company Deliveri does not give the favour of "nalozhenyy" payment. If you want, that a commodity was dostavle exactly by this service - suggest to take advantage of favour "prohibition on delivery" - a commodity arrives to you, you examine him, pay him on the map of Privat of Bank and we take off an embargo. In a flow you will be able to get 20-30 mines Your good.  you will pay attention! All transport companies of Ukraine for the favour of "nalozhenyy" payment take a commission in size of 2% from the cost of good. 
4. Payment through Webmoney. After confirmation of order our manager sends to you necessary information for realization of payment.  5. Non-cash settlement. After a grant by you necessary information, our accountant will propose an account on indicated by you electronic address.    Ordering of carpet good from individual sizes is carpet paths, kovrolin or carpet with cuts, enters work only after 50% pre-pay. Such commodities are not subject a return and exchange.
If you have some questions on payment or delivery, you can set them by phone (067) 60-41, (050) 44-40 or e-mail [email protected].  
Our company "Kilimove misto" observes all rights for the buyers, concordantly p.1 st.9 ZU "About defence of rights for users". If you purchased for us a carpet and on some reasons decided him to exchange or return - you must will appeal to our managers and to report about the intention. You will given the detailed information about Your further actions. Terms within the limits of which you must deliver carpet good in our office make 14 days from the day of purchase of commodity.  
We ask to pay attention!  To the commodities which are not subject an exchange and return, the carpet detachable .Such carpets as those, which are for sale not in the prepared kind, but on length, that those which are cut (cut out) off, in obedience to Your individual sizes.   In addition, in obedience to our legislation, a company "Kilimove misto" asks to observe the followings terms: 
  • not to use a commodity. If at examination of commodity will be found out spots or extraneous particles in a nap, we are forced will be to say no in an exchange/return;
  • save a calculation document, given out you together with sold commodity.